Facebook’s status update – Best place to work in 2013

You are currently viewing Facebook’s status update – Best place to work in 2013

Employees have voted Facebook as the Best place to work for in 2013 as per Employee’s Choice Award. The survey was conducted by Glassdoor using feedback that employees voluntarily and anonymously shared about their work experiences throughout the past year. Check out the list to see who made it to the Top 50 list.

I have been researching a lot about companies and their work culture to know what makes their employees feel excited to get to work everyday. And I must say, Glassdoor reviews help us understand exactly this from the people who work in these companies.

Facebook as a product helps us reach out, connect with people, share our stories and shows how connections can impact people’s lives. Be it sharing photos of you having fun with your family or photo of your product that helps you reach out to customers and build your brand or to drive a community! Facebook users show us how their stories can make a huge impact on each other’s lives and, as you will read, so does the workforce at Facebook.

Listen to the interview with Facebook’s VP of Human Resources Lori Goler to know the life inside Facebook

What makes Facebook the best place to work

Focus on Impact

As Lori Goler says, Facebook employees are smart at what they do and want to have a really big impact and individually want to be part of something that can create a bigger impact in the world. One thing that is important to the people here is the quality and level of commitment of the rest of people here, so being among the population of really strong colleagues who help you learn every day and keep you on your toes, on the top of your game is the important part why people like to work at Facebook.


At Facebook, leaders shares desk with employees, they genuinely think that the things that they build together is bigger than each of them individually. Mark Zuckerberg definitely contributes to people feeling secure and fulfilled by the work that they do at Facebook!

Well communicated Mission

Facebook states it’s mission is to make the world more open and connected and people who work at Facebook really believe that. They believe in what the organization stands for!

Community & Work environment

Be it working from their desk, having food from Epic Cafe, as they call it, or the Friday Q&A in the courtyard, Facebook is all about having a friendly and fun environment that keeps a positive energy among workforce. Strong community and fun culture help the employees to be their genuine self and remove stress in their daily life that makes easier for them to focus on their work. Facebook offices are designed to facilitate as many interaction as possible. The picture above shows us, literally, the Facebook wall at their office where employees share their thoughts, suggestions, comments and connect with each other!

Entrepreneurial culture

Facebook employees love to build things by moving out of their conventional thought process to find something new that makes an impact in other’s life. The challenging work that the employees get to do on a day to day basis and knowing the impact that they have on a day to day basis makes them result focused & impact focused.

Lori Goler says what made the employees feel like Facebook is the best place to work is really the other people who work at Facebook. To bring it all together and working together as a team, learning from each other and getting feedback from one other are all at the top of her list.

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