5 Online communities you need to check out

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If you are into social media you might have already identified your niche site where you connect, share and engage with a group of professionals online and offline. Be it LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter or any other. And you might have your own favorite groups where you can’t wait to discuss various topics related to your profession. Yes, I am talking about online communities.

I love being at various twitter chats and a few of them that I normally go are #Tchat, #peoplechat, #nextchat, #jobhuntchat & #Talentnet. Taking part in the conversation on twitter chats helps me connect with various professional irrespective of geography and hierarchy, share my ideas and learn from them sitting on my couch! These online communities help me validate my ideas and thoughts. Awesome resource to keep you up to date on latest trends in HR, encourage your critical thinking, articulating ideas and thoughts and discuss various issues in real time with like minded professionals. That is kind of big deal right!

Yesterday was #Tchat’s 2nd anniversary. #Tchat is a weekly twitter chat on every Wednesday at 6-7 pm CT initiated by TalentCulture, helping us connect and share ideas about issues affecting the human side of business with the best minds in HR, leadership, learning, talent strategy and career management. So don’t miss it next time. Jump in!

And be sure to check their awesome Radio chat as part of anniversary celebrations. Click here to listen!

Now here is why I encourage you to join Online Communities!

Online Learning

The uniqueness about online communities is the opportunity that I can learn from people around the world with diverse knowledge, experience & views. This helps me learn about different practices and values that are followed by different HR professionals in different companies world wide that wouldn’t have been possible without these online communities.

Connecting & Engaging

Having participated in the online discussions I am now connected with the HR experts and the key personalities who I feel are the change agents. I am able to expand my network beyond any geographical and hierarchical boundaries. Sharing my views helps me engage others and a friendly and informal tone helps us open up to new ideas and build relationships.

Sharing Collective Expertise

Actually the topics that we discuss in most of the twitter chats are about our work world and career management. And when the thought leaders interact there, it elevates the collective wisdom & ideas. You will be amazed to see the experts from different parts of the world willing to share their insights and experience.

Become Competitive

Online communities help me challenge myself and make me ready for the next big thing. Participating in these discussions helps me think outside the box and share ideas relevant to the topic that help others. The opportunity where I can learn from others helps me understand scenarios from different perspectives. This helps me grow as a person and professionally.

Here is the list of 5 online communities you need to check out!

#Jobhuntchat: Every Monday @ 9.p.m CT

#Peoplechat: Every Tuesday @ 12.30 -1.p.m CT

#Talentnet: Every Tuesday @6.p.m CT

#Nextchat: Every Wednesday @ 2.p.m CT

#Tchat : Every Wednesday @ 6-7CT

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