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After applying for a job, when you receive an automated ‘Thank you’ mail, does it really says anything apart from acknowledging your application?

Having applied for a job and then waiting several weeks not getting a single response can be frustrating. Well one thing is sure, whether the recruiter calls the applicant or not, the first communication that they get is almost always the email that says, ‘Thank you- Applicant for expressing interest in our organization’. Do their job applications actually make it to the recruiter’s desk? Has it been shortlisted or rejected? Will they get a call for initial screening? It can seem that the job application has reached a dead end. How can they track it to know whether to pursue further or not?

Well, here comes ‘Startwire‘ with the wise usage of social media to track your job application and aid your job hunt in all the ways. Startwire is job search organizer that helps you track your job application starting with that “Thank you” mail and makes your job search a better experience than before. All you need to do is to just forward that thank you/confirmation email to You can then start receiving all updates for a job application and track it up until you are setup with an interview.

How about that? Startwire is more than just a job search agent, it also acts as an adviser letting you know immediately about the job opening that suits to your profile based on your interest level and provides automatic feedback from over 7000 employers. Apart from that they suggest professionals within your social network that can help you connect with the employer (Where ever you may have applied for jobs) through your LinkedIn & Facebook accounts. And the amazing part is all these services are totally FREE!!

StartWire Founder Chris Forman tells that companies are encouraged to give more feedback to applicants than just “job no longer available”, but that it’s not mandated.

Engaging prospective candidates and reaching out to each one of them to bring the best talent to your interview desk can take a tremendous amount of effort.

Having been a recruiter, I know of the pressure in finding the right talent especially when you get hundreds of applications for a single position. But considering a candidate’s perspective, he might have applied for a position with a lot of interest and expectations in the company’s hiring process. And what can happen if you overlook those who have shown the interest to join your company by applying for your job postings, spent long hours and put in a lot of effort in doing so?

I must stress to all the employers that a job applicant is not just a candidate for a position, but he is also one among your customers who can make or break the opinion about the company within in his own network.

In a recent survey of over 2,300 members of the StartWire community, 69% of respondents said they would probably not – or simply wouldn’t – buy a product or service from a company that didn’t respond to their job application. 77% said they’d think less of a company if the company doesn’t respond to their job application, and a whopping 96% responded that they are more likely to apply for a job if they know they will be getting regular feedback.

So why take a risk of hurting a company’s image by not providing feedbacks for job applicants!! It can ease the job hunt experience for applicants and can guard the company’s reputation as well.

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