Women managers are terrible!! Is this a gender stereotype?

You are currently viewing Women managers are terrible!! Is this a gender stereotype?

Is every woman manager that terrible and insane?!! Come on, not every one of them. They are better than your typical stereotypes!!

When it comes to being managed, people (especially women employees) find it to be more comfortable and successful to work with men rather than women managers.

Throughout my career I have worked with both men and women managers. And I have noticed that things, for various reasons, do not go smoother with the team when it is managed by a woman.

Women who are friends and are given an option to work together in a team tend to become more competitive. And what if one of them is promoted and starts to manage the other? No matter how experienced they are, one of them is likely to lose the balance between being a professional and not letting emotions influence their work.

Now, hold on, I know what you may be thinking. Yes, we all are emotional beings. But it should not negatively affect our work. I have been tormented and been through tough times with some of my managers and I do agree that I prefer working with a male manager.

Having said that, I have never had a really tough time with a women manager. There may have been instances where we may not see eye to eye on certain issues but we communicated and committed to our work and I was okay as long as I felt that she was being fair to me and giving me an opportunity to grow. I, as her team member, always wanted to feel that I worked WITH her not FOR her.

This reminds me of an incident that happened with one of my female friends who is an IT manager managing four other women team members in her team. One of her team members was always talking behind her back and one day happened to tell one of her co-workers, over instant messenger, about how their manager “was being a bitch”. And the funny thing was that instead of sending that backbiting message to intended person she accidentally sent it to her own manager!!!. Come on now!! Not being able to cope with your manager doesn’t mean that she is a bitch. More ever when this incident was reported to their department head, who happened to be a man, he laughed this off as typical women bickering. Of course she was eventually warned about this.

Apparently, most of the chaos and emotional turmoil seems to happen when a woman is trying to overrule other women. And as frustration develops it leads to more drama and it does nothing to improve your work rather it affects the relationship at work and reduces your productivity.

Come on, we all have been brought up by a woman, right. Then why can’t we admit that women can know well about developing other women to excel in their career.Why can’ t we all can work together to accomplish collectively just the way men do?

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