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I always found it ridiculous when every evening my husband asks me to play football with him at a little playground next to our home. I know, people who know me might laugh at knowing that I am playing sports!! I must tell you, when I say playing football, I meant he just wants me to throw the ball so that he can play catch. He enjoys it!! Sometimes me too!! But of course not every day!!

He is a sports maniac and a talented tennis player. I found it funny though that some times he asks me, someone who is least interested in sports, to partner in his favorite interest. And here is where two extremes come together for a good reason!!

I have noticed him working passionately on some high priority projects in his office even late at night as well. Looking from outside I may not be in a position to judge his work load though. But one Sunday morning when he took his work conference call from home I could hear about how much pressure everyone in his team was faced with to finish a high profile project. And them putting their best effort in order to attain that goal by working regardless of their time constraints.

Everyday work may or may not be a repeated task, but might be a tremendous pressure for all. I realized what he has been doing to get himself rejuvenated every day after work so that the next day he can give his best shot. Obviously as someone in IT, he needs to have his mind refreshed to help him think clearly when programming.

He has been fortunate to work with a company that has flexible working hours and with such a dynamic team where they support each other to build their interests outside of work as well. They do team outings and enjoy playing sports and other activities in and outside office. So luckily he has his own team mates to partner for his sports interests and no need to put up with me.

Every day, after work, people may be tired but it’s their family that keeps every person lively in what they do. And it’s always better to have some interests outside your work. In my husband’s case its sports that keeps him refresh, active and energetic so that every day he can give his best shot at work. To recharge ourselves we go for a walk outside, enjoy playing games in Dave & Buster’s or Main Event and of course he plays tennis with his friends, while I do my art work.

Having given him company every day, eventually I am getting the hang of sports!!!

What do you do to give your best shot everyday @ work?


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