Social media strategies to attract top talent

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You must all agree that we make better decisions when things are more transparent to us and there is easy visibility and accessibility of information in a way that convinces us that we are making the right decision. And so is the case for job candidates, when it comes to whether or not to join an organization. They really look for more transparency when they search for a new career in your organization and quit their current job.

You might be thinking all of your regular Facebook updates, job tweets or LinkedIn groups and discussions can drive your candidates to apply for the job openings in your organization and finally the best of them joins you. However here are some additional social media strategies to help attract and convince talent on why they would want to work with you.

Make employees your social ambassadors

Before joining an organization, candidates tend to first look at the culture of your organization and why your employees continue to work there. So if you built a social media platform but are not really encouraging your employees to actively participate in it then you might be wasting time. Get rid of your fear of putting your employees voice at public social media sites. Rather help educate them on how to use and share information on social media, encourage them to be involved and share their thoughts on why they like to work with you. Promote social networking by bringing all employees to your social media platform and that will reap you the benefit of top talent reaching you from your employees network.

Bring the human back to tech

Failing to engage with your customers and potential employees can not only cost you money but also your good will too. Constant updates and tweets won’t be enough for a candidate who is looking for one to answer his questions about his job applications or interview process. Have your recruiters trained enough to spark conversation, connect and engage your candidates on social media.

Provide a real job preview

How about having video on you-tube  involving employees and leaders, on how it is like to work with your organization. Now a days employers give transparency to a job candidates by having these videos on social media that help their job candidates know if he sees himself working with that organization. For example, check out this video of PepsiCo & Geico. Employers like Sodexo shares a video on how to apply for a job in their organization and what  the job interview process looks like.

Contribute to the community

Having a corporate blog might not enough to contribute to the talent community. You also need to become a social recruiter by making yourself visible and approachable to the candidates on social media. Establish your presence in the online communities, participate in the discussions, provide job search advice and your views on various aspects and trends happening in your industry. Represent your company and it’s culture to help the audience know why would they be working at your organization.

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