Global Employer Brand and Diversity Recruitment Strategy at Amgen

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Bringing your employees stories to life is authentic content marketing at its best. Being real, meaningful, engaging and authentic..I can go on an on when I think of the Amgen‘s Employer Brand. They recently launched their Diversity recruiting campaign (In My Code – which I am so intrigued by.
  • Would you like to learn more about how to activate a Global Employer brand through content marketing strategies?
  • Would you be interested in knowing how to bring your employees stories to life?
  • Would you like to learn more about how to come up with a diversity recruitment marketing campaign? If so, watch my LinkedInLIVE show with-

John G. Graham Jr.
Sr. Manager Global Employer Brand & Recruitment Marketing
at Amgen Global Talent Acquisition
on #LIVEwithNisha 

Check out John G Graham‘s Bio here: ‘As a creative communicator with a habit of connecting people to brands through authentic experiences, I’ve always dreamed big and to this day, am driven by the question “Why?” I take pleasure in finding new and innovative ways to understand audience need states, delivering the right messages to the right person at the right time on the right platform, and disrupting the status quo.

I cut my teeth in social as an independent recording artist where I discovered the value of forging direct to consumer relationships. I loved it so much I founded my own media consultancy to help others establish their own social and digital brands. In true millennial fashion, I provided performance analytics to execs at companies like MARS, Citizens Bank, & QVC by day, and opened for major recording artists at venues like the House of Blues by night.

I now direct my passion towards disrupting the Pharmaceutical industry’s approach to talent acquisition and employer branding through digital strategy and activating authenticity at scale. I support over 100 countries worldwide to build bridges between career aspiration and opportunity.

My wife Sana, two beautiful children, John III and Marian, and me currently call the Los Angeles burbs home.

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