Employer Brand – How to get it right? #LinkedInLive with James Ellis

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Building a successful Employer Brand involves having the right strategy in place, partnering with the right stakeholders, figuring out the right messaging and empowering your employees. 
But many employers are unknowingly focusing on the wrong things when building and maintaining their employer brand. Keep in mind, It is not just about recruitment branding but your employer brand as a whole. And simply making attractive videos or pictures and posting them on social won’t just cut it. Want to know more about how to get your employer brand right at the beginning?

Below is the replay of my #LinkedInLive Show 


James Ellis, Director of Employer Brand at Universum Global

Connect with James Ellis: It’s very possible that the rumors are true and that James Ellis was a mild-mannered digital marketer who was bitten by a radioactive recruiter and how he had strange new powers. But what we do know is that James runs The Talent Cast, the world’s most caffeinated employer brand podcast and is also a director of the Employer Brand at Universum Global.

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