HR doesn’t hire, Managers do

It is a general assumption that an HR does all the hiring in an organization. Well, that’s not the truth.HR doesn’t hire (Unless it is for an HR position) but Managers do. Here is how it works!

For example: When a sales position opens up(either when an employee quits/resigns or if there is a need for additional manpower) HR’s/Recruiter’s role is

  • To source the right candidate either internally or externally or through third party recruiters
  • screen them through initial phone/in person interviews
  • select the top two to three based on the job profile and culture fit
  • And arrange an interview with the Reporting Manager- Sales (Hiring Manager) and then followed by the Head of the Sales Function as a final interview.

 HR doesn’t hire, Managers do

Hiring managers are the decision makers who decide whether to hire that candidate or not based on if they think the candidate can be a right fit for the role and to his team. And there the final decision is made…and so HR brings the candidate onboard.

I have worked with great managers who even identify the right candidate through their referrals, do the phone interview and forward the resume to HR. So HR can coordinate a formal interview process with that candidate like a regular job applicant would go through. Mind you these managers know and are particular about who they want to bring in.

But on the other hand I did face challenges working with those managers who don’t necessarily know how to interview a candidate and why the right fit matters. These were the managers who focus just on the skills and competencies required to do the job. It is funny to think that  they had  a list of standard questions and often had a printed copy of those questions in front of them while they interview the candidates. End results are that they often end up hiring candidates who are not a right match or lose a top candidate.

Here is where HR should help those Managers. Train those managers on how to interview and how to make their hiring decisions not just based on what they have seen on their resume but to really probe and do some behavioral interviews to understand the right fit.

From getting a prompt response from a recruiter to having a great conversation with the managers during the interview, all this can give a better candidate experience. And HR and managers should collaborate in providing that great job search experience to their candidates and even continue that experience when that candidate become an employee.

So what do you say? Is hiring a collaborative effort between Hiring Manager and HR in your organization?

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