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Here is a panel discussion that I hosted at India HR LIVE with global guests, eminent speakers and Thought leaders in the HR industry. It was an honor to have shared the platform with Dr. T. V. Rao, @raotv, Founder & Initiator of HRD movement in India, the Chairman of T VRLS, Ahmedabad, India, Jennifer McClure, @JenniferMcClureKeynote Speaker | Strategic Advisor | Executive Coach and President of Unbridled Talent LLC, USA, and Anita Lettink, @Let_AnitaVP Northern Europe at NGA HR.

Here are some thoughts that our panelists covered

What is going to be the Future of HR?
Does HR have that seat at the table, If so how can we keep it?
What are some pros and cons of outsourcing HR function?
Leaders who lack a people centric approach tend to see HR as a merely as task oriented support function. How do we fix it?
What are some challenges for HR in making progress?
What are some skills that can make HR successful in the future?
What is the one thing that HR should stop doing?

Here are some of the highlights of the show!

[Tweet “Human Capital is one of top three challenge for CEO globally- @JenniferMcClure”]

[Tweet “HR is positioned to be at the center of the biz! -@JenniferMcClure”]

HR has been the in boards for last 30 years but as a profession we are nowhere, as we should have been. We have a long way to go – says, Dr. T V. Rao

[Tweet “Instead of justifying our position we must concentrate on value addition as an HR function- Jennifer”]

HR needs a global perspective to balance diversity & virtual employees in today’s global workforce – says, Anita Lettink

[Tweet “It is surprising that HR is hiring consultants from outside but there is a lot to be done inside- @raotv”]

[Tweet “HR has to do with branding, mrkg, SoMe over and above managing the workforce- @Let_anita”]

Read on more tweets during the event -a Storify for you

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