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I invite you all to watch this special show at India HR LIVE, where we are honored to present words of wisdom from the Founder & Initiator of HRD movement in India,  Dr. T V Rao on a special show airing this Tuesday, 27th August, 2013 at 8PM IST / 9.30 AM CT / 10.30 AM EST, where he will be talking about the Future of HR: Opportunities and Challenges.

A new Human Resource Development system emerged in India in 1974 with Dr. T.V. Rao and Dr. Udai Pareek heading the movement. It was started as a “Review Exercise of the Performance Appraisal System” for Larsen & Toubro by the duo from the Indian Institutes of ManagementAhmedabad (IIMA) which resulted in the development of a new function – The Human Resources Development Function.

As they envisioned, the function has evolved from a transactional function to not just merely seen as a business partner but as a business propellant.

HR function has become the integral part of a business and HR professionals help turn aspirations into actions by focusing on talent, culture and leadership in successful organizations. But in some organizations HR is still behind the veil and continue to limit themselves by doing small things and not focusing on long term impact on intellectual capital management.

Now, when it comes to what’s next in HR, it is ideal that we take notes from the person who revolutionized the function as The Human Resources Development Function.

Join us, while we discuss the Future of HR: Opportunities and challenges with Dr. T.V. Rao

Widely acclaimed as the co-founder of the first human resource development department in the Indian subcontinent (along with Dr Udai Pareek) and the initiator of the HRD movement in the country, Dr Rao was a professor at IIM Ahmedabad (IIMA) for over 20 years. He is currently an adjunct professor at IIMA and the Chairman of T VRLS, Ahmedabad . He is Founder President of the National HRD Network and Founder Honorary Director of the Academy of HRD. Dr Rao has also worked as L&T Professor of HRD at XLRI, Jamshedpur, during 1983-1985.

Dr Rao has over 50 books to his credit in the areas of HRD, education, organizational behaviour, entrepreneurship, health and population, and management training. He has wide and varied consulting experience in areas such as organizational structure, HRD, appraisals, OD, team building, survey feedback, entrepreneurship, institution building, HRD audit, structuring HRD, and institutional evaluation. He was a consultant to various organizations in India and abroad, and to international bodies such as USAID, Indonesia; NERDA, Malaysia; the Commonwealth Secretariat, London; FAO, Rome; and UNESCO, Bangkok.

Dr. Rao is the first to start in India a Leadership Development methodology in mid-eighties using what is later termed in the USA as 360 Degree Feedback. Dr. Rao’s HRD audit methodology is fist of its kind across the world and he started it and created a HRD Score card abed on the same. Dr. Rao has authored or coauthored or edited over thirty books dealing with HRD, Education Management, Health and Population Management, Entrepreneurship Development etc. Dr. Rao has won several awards for his outstanding contributions to HRD. Follow him on twitter at @raotv.

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