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Today’s post is from one of my friends who I met on twitter, Danyel N. Rupert and she is a regular listener of DriveThruHR.  I met her on #dthr twitter stream and found that she always comes with great insights on the topic that we discuss everyday on our radio show. Being a regular contributor at #dthr our relationship developed and I am honored to present her experience listening to DriveThuHR here. Thanks Danyel for this post!

Human Resources professionals have, at once, the unique opportunity to and significant responsibility for effectively communicating and preserving an organization’s corporate culture. Our roles demand that we are consistently in tune with the needs of the workforce as well as the requirements for the jobs in our respective companies.  We have to study the behaviors of job applicants diligently and answer the questions: Where do they get their information? How do they communicate with others? Have changes in society or academia impacted the way they approach work? And, of course, stay on top of the daily transactional activities that flood our desks, voicemails, and inboxes.

Embrace Change

Understanding, analyzing, and embracing change keeps us valuable to the companies we support and require that we remain proactive and nimble in our thinking. The immediate availability of data and customized technologies allow us to quantify our efforts while zoning in on gaps that need to be addressed. This is not your mother’s Personnel Department.

Seek out and Network

Successes in today’s Human Resource practices are more frequently recognized by those professionals who seek out and network with others who share a dedication to maximizing the talents of their firms’ employees while directly impacting the profitability of the company.  You may ask where such a group of diversely skilled HR pros who have the time and willingness to share their best practices, frequent frustrations, as well as future projects and aspirations can be found.

Listen to DriveThruHR

For me Drive Thru HR fits the bill perfectly. The daily blog talk radio show hosted by Nisha Raghavan, William Tincup and Bryan Wempen has given me a chance to learn from HR powerhouses from across the country while wrapping up my lunch.  How convenient is that? My objective was simple but the rewards have been great! Initially, my goal was to drop in and listen to a show or two while increasing my social footprint [which was pretty non-existent a couple of months ago]. However, the more I listened, the more I learned and the more captivated I became.  There are some HR pros that are doing some amazing things.  And even more impressive, there is an international network supporting their efforts.  The hosts ask questions that make me wonder how I would best answer them—that in itself has been a great goal setting tool for me.  Since joining the conversation, I try not to miss a show. It easily fits in my day, and I rarely leave without something to think about.

As Human Resources continues to evolve with the demands and expectations of the workforce, it’s nice to know that there are skilled professionals who appreciate my concerns and broaden my perspective.  Hope to see you on the radio  everyday 12 noon CT and chat with you on Twitter at #dthr.

Danyel N. Rupert, SPHR is the managing consultant for The Talent Pool: Total HR Solutions. Acting as a strategic business partner, Danyel is committed to helping her clients actualize their visions by maximizing the talents of their teams. For more from Danyel follow her blog, The Dive , Connect with her on twitter @thetalentpoolhr, on LinkedIn , and at

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