What’s next for HR in 2013

What makes me excited to work in HR is that the field is always changing. And I love to juggle with changes, deal with it and learn from it.

We all have seen when HR was once considered as just an administrative job but now the business has recognized it to be both operational and strategic. Then we got a seat at the table! As we all agree there is a brighter side to us more than just making policies, implementing it or being HR policeman!

We, HR, are relationship managers, the change agents, and even community builders who help drive business by approaching it strategically from outside and in helping understanding the business better! As we become more proactive we started exploring the untapped benefits of HR technologies and social media outlets. Rather than just dumbing down our job description in job sites we started listening to the story that our big data narrates, started approaching it strategically by building talent communities, engaging candidates and even providing high class candidate experience!

We understood just a paycheck won’t work or do the trick of engaging and retaining our talent but recognized that the necessity of nurturing a unique culture is much more critical for the mutual success of employees and organization as a whole!

Above all the emergence of technology and social media has made our job much more simple and faster in different ways! And now the question is ‘What’s next for HR in 2013?

What do we have to learn or unlearn? What should we be focusing more in 2013?

And to answer this we have such a wonderful and experienced HR experts joining us this week to rock the beginning of the New Year !!

Wednesday: Jay Kuhns inspires us to make an impact by following 3 steps!
Thursday: Christopher de Mers encourages us to make a Resolution Reboot!
Friday: Robin Schooling shares us the fascinating experience on Homesteading the HR way!

So stay tuned and don’t miss it! You all have a rocking New Year ahead!

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