Keep up your drive to ‘Need More’

You might have read about the blog post that I wrote last week in which I talk about complacency. Very recently I come across with that word again. This time the word stuck in my mind after reading the book ‘You Don’t need a God Father’ written by Elango R.

Am I going to talk about complacency again? No, but what I want to share here is the path that can lead you into a success trap.

Every time when you progress through the Maslow’s Need Hierarchy stages, the need for one or the other thing can emerge. And It should happen, if you are a human being. No matter what stage you are on, the need for achieving something that you have not yet achieved drives your urge to work hard and to become more competitive.

And if you are in the corporate world that competitiveness may drive you to get a better job, to get a promotion, or to get a recognition and this list goes on and on. In an ideal scenario one should be able to turn every challenge that can possibly pop up in his way into an another opportunity. And I know we can.

For example:

  • When you jump in to help your team by accommodating extra assignments in the absence of your coworker.
  • When you make yourself available for extra hours in need of business requirements.
  • Showing your willingness to take challenging tasks that open up new avenues for learning and improving your skill sets.

Most of the time we work our ass off to get to that next stage in our career. And we would do everything for it. From signing up for additional assignments to leveraging all learning opportunities to proving that you are capable enough to take that next role in your career. And at times we may have to deal with some unexpected hurdles that may put us in a tough situation.

As Elango mentions, at that time focus on what you can influence and not worry about what you have no control over.And now, if you are in the middle of celebrating yet another success in your career never let that success lull you into a ‘complacency trap’. 

Keep the thirst for “Need more’ in you as a drive to do something bigger and better than before.

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