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A friend of mine working at Gamespot says she feels happy walking everyday to her office because their job is testing and playing video games every day and that doesn’t seem like work for her.

Well, an entertaining and socializing work environment helps employees breakup their boredom and stress, improves creativity and helps them do better at what they love to do. Why not have a Robot wars on a Friday afternoon?

Playing video games and competing with each other can help your employees relieve stress and come back the next day with lot of energy. You can do it online at your desk or with projector and play station arranged in a conference room or your cafeteria. That way the audience can also enjoy seeing others compete.

As a example have a team of people and make them to do ‘Just Dance Video Game’. They will have fun presenting their best moves ever and trying to be the best dancers in your office. Don’t forget to take the exclusive video for each group. Watching that later will be more fun.

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