Reader’s Question of the week – How to get noticed by Corporate Recruiters?

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A Reader writes:

My husband recently lost his job. He was in Vice President role in marketing & finance. We are currently living in NJ. We have both been on the internet non-stop trying to connect with the right Headhunter. My question for you is how do you get in touch with Corporate Recruiters? Any suggestions you might have to aid us in this job search?

I know it can be quite overwhelming when there is no response for the countless job applications that you make online and are not receiving any interview calls. Well, I would suggest that it would make more impact if you are able to connect with and create a relationship with the recruiters before applying for a job rather than anonymously following up on your submitted job application. And I am happy to know that you have been trying to connect with the Headhunters on internet but that probably might take a little more while. Well my suggestion to any job seeker in his position would be to focus on –

Networking: Building personal relationships with recruiter or having a recruiter notice you would be the most effective way that can help you get a suitable position sooner. Networking is all about putting yourself out there, getting to know people, striking up a conversation or meaningful discussions that show your interests and views. This would help recruiters remember you when they see a suitable job opening. And corporate recruiters are the ones who first know of any open position in their organization and most of the time these never get advertised but filled by word of mouth.

Find out the local SHRM chapters, sub chapters, networking events like conferences, summer camps, summits, even Happy hours where HR/corporate recruiters regularly meet. Reach out to them and network with them regularly. Since your husband is in Marketing profession, building relationships will help him do better business as well. Block your calendar with any such events so that you don’t lose track of these. You might want to check out networking venues in your area as suggested by few professionals.

Engage with Recruiters: Social media is a very powerful tool but sending a connection request in LinkedIn, or having retweeted their tweets or liking their Facebook posts might not take you anywhere. Rather get involved in the discussions on social websites, share your perspective about their ideas and having meaningful suggestions that engage those recruiters can pay off. Have a completed LinkedIn profile and a professional social media presence when you connect with them on internet. When your relation has developed meet them for coffee. Creating your professional website/blog where you share your skills and views can be a powerful digital resume.

Good luck with your husband’s job search.

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