What is the best piece of career advice you ever received? Part 2

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When I asked the Inspirational Texas HR Pros about the best piece of career advice that they ever received!!

Colleen Dutton, SPHR
Director Employee Relations & Talent Management at Rice Univeristy

The best advice ever for me was being told that “your job is not to know it all; your job is to know how to figure it out.”
If you trust your own abilities it takes the pressure off feeling like you have to be an expert in everything that crosses your desk.

Liz D’Aloia
HR Director, Office Depot

Here’s my favorite: It all pays the same. We all want to do influential strategic work in HR, but you can never forget how important it is to roll up your sleeves, learn your customers business, and exceed their expectations — no matter how menial the task.

Genena Woodson, SPHR
Director, Diversity & Inclusion at CoreLogic

Learned this one the hard way: Partnership is KEY in helping to influence leadership. Take into the room your other HR partners, and go in as team! Also, “piloting” is not such a bad idea. Seek out your senior leader advocates, gain their support, roll out a program in their business unit, make it the BEST thing since sliced bread, and the rest of the leaders will become jealous and want what the other leader has. That’s how to win others over!

Jamie Chambers, SPHR
Vice President, Human Resources at Campus Living Villages

Be a decision-maker. Others in the business get frustrated when HR cannot make a decision. Do the research, analyze the data, make a decision and move forward.

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