Thanksgiving Office Party – Employee Engagement Idea!!!

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Bizarre Bazzar

For my new blog entry I am happy to share with you a wonderful experience that I was a part of – The Thanksgiving Employee engagement program in my Husband’s Office. The ‘8th Annual Bizarre Bazaar 2011’ organised by Archon Group in Dallas, Texas was a memorable and nice experience for me.

As a theme for the event and party, employees or their family members could put up a booth to sell their artistic creations, or any other items which shows their own identity. The event was conducted in a big conference hall with about 20 booths. The booth owners had to register their booth name and were provided with a table 8 feet wide on which they could arrange items to display and sell. The interesting part was the lucky draw organized in the end which attracted shoppers to the venue. Each booth owner had to contribute one item for the lucky draw winners.

People good at artwork brought items like handmade jewelry, custom made Christmas cards, Acrylic painting, photography, decorated wicker Christmas trees and decorative expressions for home. People good at baking were there with delicious homemade breads & cupcakes which inspired me to try baking at home and there were few with canned jalapeno jellies, jams & hot sauces.

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I was there with my Acrylic and Oil paintings, Handmade Clay sculptures and you know what…. to attract the sales I tried making a few handmade jewelry items as well. And it went well too. People liked and bought my jewelry.

Throughout the event I interacted with the employees located next to my booth. They are my husband’s colleagues and we were actually helping each other out. Knowing that I am new to their office, a wonderful lady at next booth was introducing me and my art work to other colleagues of hers and it helped me earn close to $200 at the end of the day. We got the opportunity to interact with other employee’s family members too. This was my first opportunity to exhibit my art work to others and this was made possible due to the great support and help of the wonderful people who organized this event.

We all took advantage of this wonderful opportunity to do some holiday shopping and all the items were really original and genuine.

My heartfelt THANKS to the HR department of Archon group for having me in this program and to the colleagues of my husband who helped me throughout the event. By being a part of it event, I felt like I was a part of Archon Group and I look forward to the next year Bizarre Bazaar.

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